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Turn RSS into JSON with Zapier – and filter it!


We love two write utilities but not always. When we can it’s a little faster to use tools like Zapier to transport and transform data from one place to another. Most of our customers use Zapier too so it’s a great way to sharpen our skills. You can do pretty much anything you want with Zapier – it’s just about how much time you’re willing to put in to figure it out...

Expert Tricks: DIY Breakpoint Visualizer


The Question. 576. 768. 992. 1200. What do these numbers have in common? At first glance, they are clearly all even numbers. Are they calorie counts for a Chipotle burrito bowl? Maybe. Round trip flight prices to Hawaii? Possibly. A little longer look revealed that they are all evenly divisible by 16—so maybe some sort of grid system? If you guessed responsive breakpoints for Bootstrap 4 you...

Recover deleted WordPress posts by Author (without a plugin)


A customer of ours recently removed unneeded “Administrator” users from WordPress, which is good practice. During the process, he selected to delete their content – not realizing they had created posts. Good news! You can recover these if you have a backup, and you can even restore them to a different author – without a plugin. Restore Backups To Previous Date &...

App Clips. The solution to the “There’s an App for that” craze?


Starbucks. Love it or hate it, their app sure gets a ton of usage. I would argue that even the most infrequent Starbucks visitor likely has the app installed on their device. From the perks of ordering ahead to the points earned on every dollar spent, why wouldn’t you have it downloaded? But wait—the nearest coffee shop is a Peet’s. Better download the app and place my mobile order...

Expert Ready, Set, Code!


The Backstory My love for CSS all started with CSS Zen Garden. When I was new to writing CSS, I was blown away with how the same HTML could be styled so many distinctly different ways. As I spent more time in the wonderful world of web development, I grew to be a fan of unconventional, experimental, and clever CSS. As expected, I ran across a handful of neat projects along the way. From creating...

3 Steps to Help Secure Your WordPress Site


As the world moves more and more to conducting all business online, it’s more important than ever before that your site is secure and up to date. There a few simple things you can do that keep your site less susceptible to getting hacked and keep that business flowing! Because let’s face it…no one has time for that red screen of death. 1. Update Site Themes and Plugins Regularly...

Creative ways to save on technology


It’s a good practice to perform maintenance in your company occasionally. Deep cleaning with a purpose, to save money. The biggest reason people won’t perform deep cleaning is time and difficulty associated with the change. Instead, they keep paying month after month when they could, with a little effort, save money. I will describe how you can save thousands of dollars by eliminating...

Your web framework is a risky dependency


Provocative title, no? How could something like Ruby on Rails, Laravel, CakePHP, et al be a risk when it provides so much value? That, my friend, is short term thinking. You’re absolutely right, in the short term these frameworks have a lot of value. But ask yourself this. Given the choice, would you step in and work on Rails 4, Laravel 4, CakePHP 2 (or 1!)? What happens when the new...

Expert Tools – Vol. 1


Let’s cut to the chase—finding the PERFECT color palette can be a difficult, tedious, and time consuming process. Thankfully, with every problem comes a wonderful solution. Recently we started using and our experience has been fantastic. Upon visiting, you’ll notice two options. “Start the generator!” and “Explore trending palettes”. Both options are...

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