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Let’s cut to the chase—finding the PERFECT color palette can be a difficult, tedious, and time consuming process. Thankfully, with every problem comes a wonderful solution. Recently we started using and our experience has been fantastic.

Upon visiting, you’ll notice two options. “Start the generator!” and “Explore trending palettes”. Both options are great—but the generator is by far the more fun of the two.

Product Overview

Generate Palettes

The generator itself is incredibly powerful. After being presented with an initial random palette, you can hammer away on the spacebar to immediately generate a whole new set of colors. Once you land on the perfect palette, an unbelievable amount of additional features await your actions.

Swatch Controls

Each swatch comes equipped with a variety of controls. Users can expect to be able to quickly copy the hex, reorder the swatches, and add/remote swatches to the palette.

Swatch Controls

Palette Variations

One of the more powerful features is the ability to generate palettes with specific swatches locked. This is useful when you may have some existing brand colors but need to expand upon the palette. Additionally, the hex itself can be manually entered by clicking the displayed value.


If starting from scratch isn’t your cup of tea, try the explore option! Here you will find a diverse assortment of palettes generated from other users. Try the search by color family or by hex for more targeted palettes. Additionally, every palette can be opened and modified for your specific needs.


Another nifty feature is the ability to preview your swatches as a gradient. Not only that, but gradients can also be configured with a set of advanced controls. These settings include: adjusting the gradient angle, gradient type and exporting the CSS.

Palette adjustments

The ability to adjust the entire palette is quite impressive. Whether you are looking to adjust the hue or boost the saturation—your options are unlimited.

Color blindness preview

One important (and often overlooked) variable is simulating color blindness. These controls allow you to rapidly preview how your colors will appear for specific types of color blindness and adjust accordingly.

Image picker

In some cases, you may have a photograph that you want to leverage to build a palette. The Image picker tool has you covered! Specific colors can be sampled from the image and exported with ease.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a designer looking for inspiration or a developer in desperate need of some color options, is a solution that is immensely valuable. It comes at no surprise that it won #1 Product of the month on Product Hunt in October 2014.

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