3 Steps to Help Secure Your WordPress Site


As the world moves more and more to conducting all business online, it’s more important than ever before that your site is secure and up to date. There a few simple things you can do that keep your site less susceptible to getting hacked and keep that business flowing! Because let’s face it…no one has time for that red screen of death.

1. Update Site Themes and Plugins Regularly

While this makes COMPLETE sense, it’s difficult when we’re working on the business of our business, to make sure this happens on the regular. Plugins release updates on their own schedule. Each time your plugins and themes release an update and you don’t have that update, your site may have a vulnerability.

Set your plugins and themes to update automatically, if possible, and schedule for someone on your team to update your site weekly to catch any that don’t auto-update. Additionally, remove any plugins that you don’t use. Don’t have a team member to take that on? We can help at Expert Ready!

2. Review Your Users

When people leave the team, removing access to your site isn’t always seen as important if your revenue isn’t 100% online generated. But going through the users that have admin-level access and removing the ones that no longer need it is going to help tighten up your security.

3. Change Your Passwords

I’m one of those people that will use the same password for every. dang. thing. It’s easy for me to remember! But then I realized if someone got the password to one account, they’d have access to almost every account I have! My guess is that more people are like me than aren’t.

And yes, I realize how awful that is. Let’s all take a moment and change those passwords!

At Expert Ready, we do utilize 1Password to suggest super secure passwords and to store our team’s logins. Installing it on my computer, it catches the changes I make and updates my login for me. I never lose a password and go down the rabbit hole of new password after new password until settling on one that I can finally remember.

These three small steps can go a long way in helping your site stay online. If you want to go talk about security plugins or need additional help, we’d be happy to do a free consultation and get you started in the right direction!

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