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During my personal weekly retrospective, I reviewed notes about areas that could be improved regarding work with customers within Expert Ready. I’m experimenting with a bit more granularity in planning projects with customers – as an agency meaning, we help them outsource development.

Part of this process though – in keeping customers informed is helping to discuss costs associated with projects after they are completed. Secondly – often forgotten is clean up. These were my notes on those areas.

ROI Analysis and Project Budgets

  • RIO Analysis – Include service charges, in this case, stripe’s 3% fees for processing. While just a small portion of the total profit it still changes the net profit substantially – and from personal experience can make a huge difference in what you get to keep.
  • During Project Build (and after) – Things like the Apple Developer account costs $100 as well as the Google Play store. These are small but repeatable costs that should be added to the initial cost of any project.

Time and Project Closing

Get contract together even for relationships I’m comfortable working with.

Add cleanup tasks list during phase/close of project. Example of this would be a list of accounts I’ve created for a vendor to login and work on a service. In a recent project there are over 6 services a vendor will interact with. I need to remove their accounts when done. Not building this into the process means I’ll likely forget something.

Because of unexpected updates to customers and new project opportunities requiring intro meetings, I need to leave some time in my schedule. My plan here is to leave my afternoon open – and focus purely on work that moves the needle forward for our business and projects.

BONUS: For those interested in getting the most value out of retrospectives with teams. I highly recommend subscribing to Bill Fournet’s newsletter. Here’s a link to his PowerPlays which are small-but powerful tips on working with projects and teams.

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