Are plugins making my WordPress site slow?


The more WordPress plugins installed, the slower your website can become. I can tell countless stories of 20, 30, or 40+ plugins!! I recently wrote this post about image optimization, with a plea for discipline. Not every plugin contributes to slowness. However, more times than not, plugins are responsible for sending files to visitors that they don’t even need! As a result, – your...

Optimizing and sizing images for web


CMS’s like WordPress (and others) enable us to upload and use images easily. And I’m grateful for the ease of use. With power comes responsibility! Because its so easy most times images are not edited or optimized before posting. As a result, websites are slower to load and images look bad due to sizing and cropping. It’s important to stay disciplined—the small details matter...

Recover deleted WordPress posts by Author (without a plugin)


A customer of ours recently removed unneeded “Administrator” users from WordPress, which is good practice. During the process, he selected to delete their content – not realizing they had created posts. Good news! You can recover these if you have a backup, and you can even restore them to a different author – without a plugin. Restore Backups To Previous Date &...

3 Steps to Help Secure Your WordPress Site


As the world moves more and more to conducting all business online, it’s more important than ever before that your site is secure and up to date. There a few simple things you can do that keep your site less susceptible to getting hacked and keep that business flowing! Because let’s face it…no one has time for that red screen of death. 1. Update Site Themes and Plugins Regularly...

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