Expert Tricks: DIY Breakpoint Visualizer


The Question. 576. 768. 992. 1200. What do these numbers have in common? At first glance, they are clearly all even numbers. Are they calorie counts for a Chipotle burrito bowl? Maybe. Round trip flight prices to Hawaii? Possibly. A little longer look revealed that they are all evenly divisible by 16—so maybe some sort of grid system? If you guessed responsive breakpoints for Bootstrap 4 you...

Expert Ready, Set, Code!


The Backstory My love for CSS all started with CSS Zen Garden. When I was new to writing CSS, I was blown away with how the same HTML could be styled so many distinctly different ways. As I spent more time in the wonderful world of web development, I grew to be a fan of unconventional, experimental, and clever CSS. As expected, I ran across a handful of neat projects along the way. From creating...

Expert Tools – Vol. 1


Let’s cut to the chase—finding the PERFECT color palette can be a difficult, tedious, and time consuming process. Thankfully, with every problem comes a wonderful solution. Recently we started using and our experience has been fantastic. Upon visiting, you’ll notice two options. “Start the generator!” and “Explore trending palettes”. Both options are...

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